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planet rex education

spoken english

  • Grammar
  • Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Interviews
  • Personality Development
  • Role Plays
  • Public Speech

Spoken English Programme Is Designed To Meet The Demands Of The Huge Number Professionals Of Varied Fields There By They Could Withstand The Vigour Of Job Market . It Has Been Taught In Short Duration. We Have Different Patterns Of Teaching Due To The Quality Of Speaking English Is Different In Different Backgrounds Of Education.

Students Who Are Originally From Remote Villages Or Low Backgrounds Where English Language Was Treated As Almost Like A “Ghost Can’t Be Tamed ” Should Be Taught In Different Patters. So We Have Divided The Batches On The Basis Of Student’s Ability To Speak English.

Batch A : ( Language –English Only )

This Batch Is Ideally Taught To Students Who Are Already English Medium Education In Schools And Colleges , Yet They Need To Be Polished At Many Parts Of Speech , Diction , Elaboration , Structured Deliverance And Confidence . It Is Taught By Our Director Sir.

Batch B : ( Language – English And Hindi )

Ideally For Those Students Who Are Unable To Speak Completely In English , But Are Able To Understand And Reply In Incorrect English. This Batch Is Taught By Trained Faculty Members Who Could Interact In English And Hindi Fluently .

Batch C : (Language – 70 % Hindi And 30 % English )

This Batch Is Meant For Those Students Who Are Able To Write And Read English ( Which Is The Minimum Qualification To Enrol ) , Hence They Will Be Trained By Our Faculty Members In Separate Batch And The Treatment Will Be More Friendly And Interesting. In The First Month , We Try To Boost Confidence In Them So That Further Sessions Would Be Easy And Entertaining To Them .

Course Fee : Rs. 13200( For Indian Students )

Rs . 15,000 ( For Foreign Students )

Note : The Lower Batches – C And B Will Have To Go Through The Final Month Training Under Our Director’s Guidance . Each Student From The Lower Batches Should Be Qualified To Enter The Batch A After Three Months Training . After The Completion Of Four Months Training , Students Have To Face Three Examinations – Psychological , Speech , Analytical . If The Student Proves To Be A Failure In Any Of The Three – He Or She Will Not Be Issued Certificate Of The Course .



Batch Is Taught By :-


(Director Of PREP)


Course Fee For The Crash

  • Course : Rs.30000
  • Report Writing
  • Fee For Diploma : Rs. 30000
  • Duration : 4 Months ( Crash Course )
  • Duration : 1 Year ( Diploma )

We Are The Only Training Institution For Accent Training In Rajasthan , Perhaps In North India. The Major Accents We Teach Are :U.S / U.K / AUS

The Complete Course Is Taught By The Director Mr. Rex Thomas . It Cover The Following Areas ..

: - Phonetics , Accent , Pronunciation , Articulation , Speech , Modulation , Pitch , Voice , Personality Development .

Business English & Writing.

  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Grammar
  • Phrases
  • Memo Writing
  • Official Correspondence
  • Report Writing
  • Fee : Rs.15000

Call Centre Training

If you have the will to work with an international Call Center (BPO) we have the ways for you. Our 3 month training can make you a winner in life.

  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Fee : Rs.10000

Bank P.O / S.S.C / R.A.S / I.A

All The Above Competitive Examinations Have English As The Common Subject , Each Student Can Continue Till The Respective Interview Is Held . No Additional Fee Is Required To Be Paid.

  • Duration : 3-4 Months
  • Fee : Rs.8000

Teachers Training Programme

  • Duration : 4 Months ( Plus 2 Months Internship )
  • Fee : Rs. 10000

Module :

Month 1 :

In The First Module , The Basic Level Grammar Of English Will Be Taught , Application Of Grammar And Modern Changes In Grammar .

Month 2 :

Candidates Will Be Taught Various Methods Of Presentation Of Topics , Ideas And Information Along With Regular Debates And Discussions Among Them. Body Language , Attire , Confidence Etc Will Be Tested And Percentile Is Awarded On The Basis Of Performance.

Month 3 :

They Will Taught About How To Conduct Classroom Sessions , How To Make “Teaching “ An Interesting Exercise Etc Will Be The Major Focus In This Month.

Month 4:

All The Candidates Will Have To Do “Teaching Sessions” Of Any Topic In The Presence Of Our Director For Next Thirty Days . Thus Each Candidate Will Be Shaped As A Better Teacher .

On The Completion Of Four Months Course All The Candidates Face A Series Of Test Sessions To Guage Him Or Her On A Scale Of 10 Bands . The Passing Band Is 6 . The Selected Candidates ( The Ones Who Secure 6 Or Above ) Will Be Sent To Different Schools Or Educational Institutions For A Two Month Compulsory “Internship” ( No Salary Paid ) .

After Thesuccessful Completion They Will Be Issued Certificates Of T.T.P


Note : We Do Not Have Any Accreditation To Any University Or College Or School .

G.M.A.T / G.R.E

Duration: 4 Months To 5 Months
Fee (GMAT / GRE) : Rs.35000

Max Score : 800 Marks





G.M.A.T ( Only For M.B.A Or Diploma In Management Programs ) Those Who Are Qualified Enough To Study A Course In Management In Any Of The American Universities , A GMAT Score Of Aptitude Is Mandatory. Scoring A 400 Or 500 Is Of No Use , If You Desire To Study Abroad In A Competitive Environment . Our Untiring Contact Classes Will Make You Score Higher And Get Your Cherished Dream Fulfil.

G.R.E - According To The New Pattern Antonym And Synonym Section Is Removed , But Similar Section Is Added.

Score Max : 340

We Provide The Best Of Knowledge About The Foreign Universities And The Career Counselling For The Students Who Are Unknown To American Or European Life Style And Environments. Meet Our Director With A Prior Appointment For A Complete Guidance . If You Are The Right Candidate For A PG Or Ph.D From Any Abroad University Don’t Waste Time Searching Hundreds Places , But Reach At The Correct Station : PLANET REX EDUCATION.

Global Helpline : 9314937324 – Time : 8 Am To 8pm , Monday To Saturday ( Sunday Holiday)

Note : GMAT / GRE Classes Will Be Held On Alternate Days Only ( Three Days A Week)

Kindly Confirm Further Details From The Office Staff On The Given Number.

I.E.L.T.S. / T.O.E.F.L

  • Module :
  • Listening
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Speaking

I.E.L.T.S ( IDP Australia And British Council – Both Can Be Taken On Paper Pencil )

  • Band : Max 9 , Different Band Is Mandatory In Different Countries ( Out Of 9 )
  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Class Strength : 5 To 10 In One Batch
  • Fee : Rs.20,000 ( 10% Hike Is Applicable On It Every Year )

All The Materials And Supplements Are Provided By PLANET REX EDUCATION

T.O.E.F.L ( IBT –Internet Based Toefl – Not Paper And Pencil Based )

  • Duration : 3 Months
  • Score : Max 120 , Different Score Is Mandatory In Different Universities(Out Of 120 )
  • Class Strength : 5-10 In One Batch
  • Fee : Rs.20,000 (10 % Hike Is Applicable On It Every Year )

IELTS Is Ideally For British Or European Countries

TOEFL Is Ideally For American And Non Europeancountries . But According To The Latest Proclamations , Many American Universities Accept The Score Of Either IELTS Or TOEFL.

Students Are Advised To Confirm Prior To The Admission .


An absolutely power brand programme for the aspiring Management professionalsand budding entrepreneurs. POWER SPEECH as it infers to the gravity of speech and caliber, we mould our candidates to the next level of ‘Self Branding’ in accord with the existing marketing conditions. Thousands of aspiring MBA candidates splurge anything between 9 lac to 13 lac for a degree of MBA at a less reputed B School, whereas POWER SPEECH programme emphasize on the overall potential of each candidate in a short period of ‘four months’. Join our masterly crafted programme for an outstanding career ahead.

Duration : 4 Month

Module: 1st Month> Corporate Branding & Management Lectures and exercises

Module: 2nd Month> English Language communication and effect speech patterns.

Module: 3rd Month> Presentation Skill (Corporate Presentation & Body language).

Module: 4th Month> Case Studies & Thesis submission.

(Besides all the above, there will be ten days of Corporate interview sessions, which would make you a READY CANDIDATE for all Job interviews)

Let the hunt begin in style with POWER SPEECH.

Fee: 25 K (Subject to change without prior notice)



OET(Occupation English Test)

This is an exclusive International Test conducted by the international organizations for the Nursing professionals who desire to work in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland, Dubai, Singapore, Namibia, Ukraine. The test is specific and nursing profession bound. As in the case of other international English Testing, OET too has its four modules, but the Speaking and Listening are little different from other examinations.

Modules: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Reading,

Mock sessions of OET speaking and Role plays are conducted in actual scene representation.

Duration: 4 Month

Fee: 20000

life term card

  • Month-I : Grammer.
  • Month-II : Presentation.
  • Month-III : G.D./Extompore/Presentation.
  • Month-IV : GInterview/ GD's/Personality Devt./Psychology Classes.

notes :

C-batch students are advised to continue the classes even after the completion of 4 months in order to maintain the atmosphere.